Ep 17; Secondary Transportation: Getting around within your destination

Time Stamped Show Notes:

0:23 – Intro (Steampunk Girl by John Anealio)

  Host Introduction; Gail Carriger and Piper J Drake

0:52 – Gail Traveled to Tucson, Arizona -> Festival of Books

1:26 (and 3:29) – Weird Uber/Lyft experiences. How to tell if you’re about to be scammed. Be wary of the overt chumminess.

2:15 – Extended Stay Suites: Elongated business traveler stay and sports teams. Gail was inundated with a baseball team

4:25 – How-to avoid social pressure from gig-economy workers

4:54 – Beacons of safety => public spaces like hotels, especially for the frequent traveler

7:21 – Upcoming episode topic: Emotional side of solo-traveling, especially as a female

– – –

7:49 – Main Topic -> How to get around your destination

  • Pro’s and Con’s of:
    • rental car from the airport (or train station)?
    • car service?
    • Uber, Lyft, or similar?
    • Taxi?
  • Calculating in the length of your trip versus which type of transportation to use
  • What do you do if you have mobility needs and/or travel with assistance dogs/animals?
  • Be aware of the larger corporation that you’re supporting by using their services -> from rental cars to ride-share
  • Cost-benefit analysis resources:
  • What do you tell your driver you do?
  • How do you avoid a chatty ride?
  • Keep tabs on your trip-progress; keep your GPS on!
  • Positive personal stories from the ladies (20:00 minute mark)
    • Sneaking in a cannolli in New York City
    • Getting local intel on the best foodie spots

– – –

23:45 – Gadgets! –>  Traveling with confidence

Gail – Smartphone apps to track your progress (pre-download maps with wifi on Gooogle-maps, or snap a screenshot)
    – https://support.google.com/maps/answer/6139433?hl=en

Piper – Rental Car app; link up your membership account for a smoother, more convenient, and faster transition
      – https://goo.gl/DAxrN8

– – –

29:23 – Outro and thanks to: Producer Matt

Special thanks to Dan Sawyer of Artistic Whisper for editing this episode!

Thanks for listening; Travel smart and pack the snacks!

– – –

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Ep 16; Dressing up While Traveling; How to pack smart when traveling WITH style

Award ceremonies, weddings, conventions, fancy meals – sometimes you need to bring your super swanky dress clothes. How does a traveler handle that? 

Time Stamped Show Notes:

0:21 – Intro (Steampunk Girl by John Anealio)
Host Introduction; Gail Carriger and Piper J Drake

0:51 – Piper visited Producer Matt in Texas -> Wichita Falls

1:55 – Tips on how to pick people up from the airport like a pro

3:45 – Gail shared pasta and with an Italian family on a Swiss puddle-jumper – and she likes small planes!

5:39 – Shout-out to another frequent traveler/author ->Alex White

– – –

9:43 – Main Topic -> Traveling (literally) WITH Style!

  • corsets
  • long, fluufy skirts
  • ***give a thought to packing while you’re buying***
  • Iron the day you land – you won’t do it the next day
  • Check suits, and satin, and related as it cuts down on creases
  • Roll your gowns; lay them at the outer portion of your clothes and they will be the least wrinkled external bit
  • Suits -> shell the shoulders and look on YouTube for tips
  • Special suitcases exist tailored for suits
  • Tips and tricks on packing business attire AND costumes for Steampunk, Dieselpunk, etc
  • Pack your corset in your carry-on!
  • Fluffy undergarments (petticoats) can be stored in space saver bags since wrinkles don’t matter that much
  • Bag your expensive clothes! Water will find its way through even the best suitcase and ruin the whole dress-up event
  • Wear your hat! Keep it safe. Unless you have a special carry-case like Dan Wells
  • Ironing Tip! -> Let the iron get hot, then iron one of your hotel towels when wet to make sure the iron is clean.
  • Inside out ironing, packing, and hanging in the closet is your friend
  • Stuff your shoes so they don’t get crushed (underwear’s good)

– – –

25:30 – Gadgets! –>  Keeping your fanciness at its best

 Gail – Travel Steamer

Piper – Buffy Bag (a kit for repairing clothes/bouquets) & shining

– – –

29:58 – Outro and thanks to: Producer Matt

Special thanks to Dan Sawyer of Artistic Whisper for editing this episode!

Thanks for listening; Travel smart and pack the snacks!

– – –

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Coming soon, an addendum from me..?



Ep 15; Hotel Scents (sniffs and struggles)

Scent is heavily tied to memory. Disney hacks it with aplomb. Hotels (especially major chains) try. With varying success.  The ladies discuss how to deal.   


Time Stamped Show Notes:

0:29 – Intro (Steampunk Girl by John Anealio)
Host Introduction; Gail Carriger and Piper J Drake

1:06 – Piper stayed home -> but still went to a con: Taiyou Con

6:48 – Piper met Yaya Han (an awesome cosplayer) in a bathroom

– – –

7:49 – Main Topic -> Hotel Scents!

  • scents come from more than air fresheners and cleaners – many places like Hilton intentionally pump particular smells in
  • be careful of wearing Estee Lauder near Gail
  • lemon-scent does not necessarily mean clean
  • sniff the hotel provided shampoo (etc) before you use it
  • be on the look out for actual name brand toiletries (they’re reliably good)
  • don’t eat tea
  • Marriott changes their scents frequently
  • Renaissance typically has more subtle scents
  • Pro tip! -> many hotel toiletries have similar shaped neck joints that can join up with better lids from other hotel toiletry
  • You can ask for a “non-scented” cleaning 24-48 hours before check-in
  • Gail prefers to smell edible
  • Shower tabs (with eucalyptus) can help one recover nose-wise
  • Camfir with roller balls are both Thai and California hippy cure-alls

– – –

24:40 – Gadgets! –>  Scent game on lock.

Gail – Steal toiletry choosedly and use bath bombs!

Piper – Aveda Blue Oil (essential cooling oil)

– – –

30:03 – Outro and thanks to: Producer Matt

Special thanks to Dan Sawyer of Artistic Whisper for editing this episode!

Thanks for listening; Travel smart and pack the snacks!

– – –

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Ep 14; Shoes!

Hardest thing to pack?  Shoes. But you need them. Often traveling to an event/work/vacation requires more than one kind/type of shoe. What’s a shoe whore to do?  

Time Stamped Show Notes:

0:22 – Intro (Steampunk Girl by John Anealio)
Host Introduction; Gail Carriger and Piper J Drake

0:48 – Gail went on a writing retreat

1:09 – Traveling with “different” (and/or wrong) personality types

2:15 – How to set yourself up for success when traveling and/or working and/or staying in a hotel with someone new

9:59 – Taking care of yourself by communicating with your significant other/partner

– – –

14:47 – Main Topic -> Shoes!

  • Gail’s a whore?! (For shoes, yes.)
  • Handling size and weight when packing
  • “Wear your biggest heaviest shoes during travel – so you don’t have them taking up all your internal luggage space.”
  • Sensible versus impactful
  • Laces are a no. Don’t do it.
  • Boots?
  • Fancy time?
  • How to handle smell, cleaning, and storage?
  • Ballet flats – > https://amzn.to/2KpLmh2
  • Orthopedic inserts?
  • Work out needs?
  • Invest in your shoes. Take care of your body and your joints.
  • Dealing with blisters?  ->  Have shoes to switch to!

– – –

35:00 – Gadgets! –>  Shoe tech is real

Gail – shoe hack; laundry lingerie bags

Piper – Fluevog

– – –

42:10 – Outro and thanks to: Producer Matt

Special thanks to Dan Sawyer of Artistic Whisper for editing this episode!

Thanks for listening; Travel smart and pack the snacks!

– – –

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Episode 13; Exercising whilst Traveling

Traveling interrupts patterns. Gail and Piper give tips and tricks for exercising while traveling – and discuss meeting Kevin Bacon due to good swimming habits!

Time Stamped Show Notes:

0:17 – Intro (Steampunk Girl by John Anealio)
Host Introduction; Gail Carriger and Piper J Drake

0:38 – Question from a listener! -> Stress management on the go?
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3:58 – Punching pillows?

4:39 – Gail’s stress management involves water and TV, but not exercise

6:08 – Be kind to yourself! It helps to decrease stress

7:45 – Pop out of your car/airport/whatever for some fresh air to destress and wash away that stale air

– – –

8:37 – Main Topic -> Exercising while Traveling

  • Do you book a hotel based on the gym? If so, what do you look for?
  • Pick the hotel that’s a 5-15 minute walk from where you need to be specifically to get those extra steps twice a day
  • Bring a dryer sheet to put in the plastic bag with sweaty clothes
  • Swimming! Helps release stress, wakes you up, and stretches
  • How to wash out chlorine
  • Yoga (simple and strength training)

15:29 – Gail met Kevin Bacon due to her healthy swimming habit

– – –

20:18 – Gadgets! –>  Exercise helpers on the go

Gail – space saving yoga glove (similar to barefoot Jazz “slippers”)
Yoga Paws  –  https://amzn.to/2wiNN35

Piper – FitBit (gamify your life with a basic-level smart watch!)
Ionic  –  https://amzn.to/2w9Nt6s

– – –

26:34 – Outro and thanks to: Producer Matt

Special thanks to Dan Sawyer of Artistic Whisper for editing this episode!

Thanks for listening; Travel smart and pack the snacks!

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Episode 12; Travel Snacks – To eat or not to eat?

Food is important while traveling.  Many (like Piper and Gail) would even say its the entire point.  Traveling means you’re on the move though, so it’s important to bring or grab snacks as you go? But there are so many options, what do you being and why?

0:27 – Intro

0:55 – Piper’s Seattle Trip

1:45 – Tips for scoping out a new city that you’re moving to

2:15 – SeaTac (Seattle airport) hacks

4:30 – Uber and ride-share tips for Seattle

6:20 – tangent about travel reward lounges (To use them, or not to use them?)

8:50 – hotel Monaco (Kimpton)

11:07 – Goldfish, Patricia Briggs, Alpha and Omega series

12:22 – England lets book stores and antique stores have cats/dogs, just like the California bookstore, “The Ripped Boddess”

13:39 – Borderlands bookstore has naked (alien) cats

14:11 – travel snacks!
The ladies discussion includes, but is not limited to:

  • hardboiled egg (touch off custardy, touch of green is overcooked) old and young in different labeled bags (yolk is riskier over time)
  • jerky (overcorrected for salt, which helps rehydrate after a flight)
  • peanut butter ginger chews
  • black sesame chews
  • quail eggs (in beet juice?!)
  • pickles
  • pickled jalapenos
  • trader joe’s olives
  • tiny apples
  • satsumas or tangerines (aka emergency perfume)

26:30 – Gadgets!
Piper – ziplock baggies (sandwich sized and mini’s)
Gail – mesh aerated bag (to organize the ziplocks)

29:30 – Outro and thanks to: Producer Matt

Special thanks to Dan Sawyer of Artistic Whisper for editing this episode!

Thanks for listening and happy travels!


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Episode 11; Travel Prep, a compendium of Tips

How does one prepare mentally and physically for travel?  Regardless of the reason for taking a trip, necessity, pleasure, work, illness, visiting family – irregardless of any of those reasons it’s still important to be properly prepped to make the most of it.

Main Topic -> Travel Preparation, the how and why

Gadgets -> Face masks!

Special Thanks -> Artistic Whispers Production Inc for editing the audio for this episode AND of course, Jon Anealio for the use of his song “Steampunk Girl”

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Episode 10; Frequent Flyer Loyalty

Travelers are constantly bombarded with “Sign up now!” loyalty offers and point earning systems. Are airline offers worth it? What do you get for your loyalty?

Time Stamped Show Notes:

0:11 – Intro (Steampunk Girl by John Anealio)
Host Introduction; Gail Carriger and Piper J Drake

0:34 – Where have the ladies traveled recently? San Diego!

1:16 – Piper’s Trip

2:14 – Sparkly floors

2:33 – The PDX carpet

3:02 – The SouthWest airlines cattle call

3:50 – Question for the audience -> Can you walk to San Diego downtown from the airport?

4:23 – Gaslight district and San Diego Comic-Con

5:04 – Balboa park

5:14 – Mysterious Galaxy -> awesome bookstore

6:14 – Seaview -> cute bookstore with cafe near SFO

6:40 – Need listener help: What’s the name of the Alice in Wonderland-esque speakeasy behind the brick wall (or bank vault?) covered in ivy in San Diego?

7:53 – military, retirees, and/or vacationers mean… Reader town!

8:36 – cocktails in San Diego; wine in Portland…lulz.

8:52 – Gail pisses off the audience. Wine fight. (“Portlanders claiming they have wine? Lol”)  Ready? Fight!

9:32 – La Hoja; full of eclectic restaurants and sea lions

10:17 – Del Mar beach (dog beach)

10:45 – all Piper cares about => dogs and food

11:48 – tutorial on how to kidnap Piper

– – –

12:07 – Main Topic -> Frequent Flyer Miles and Loyalty Points

12:35 – Gamified system’s help keep you loyal by letting you “level up” your membership

13:20 – The benefits of access to the business lounge (hard boiled eggs and showers)

15:15 – Credit Card multipliers

15:42 – American Airlines has Piper’s soul

16:16 – always sign up for the frequent flyer’s club regardless of the airline you’re flying to ensure entry of you Known Traveler Number (KTN) for ease of travel

16:57 – Gail often goes to unusual locales and has others book her flights, so avid loyalty is difficult

17:49 – Gail’s now a SouthWest gal

18:05 – Gail loves the cattle call –> it means faster boarding!

19:39 – http://crankyflier.com/

21:25 – Be aware of what company has a hub at your local airport, and where other hubs are for that airline (take advantage of that!)

23:49 – Further tease of future episode about Credit Cards to optimize miles’ collection

– – –

24:29 – Gadgets! –>  Neck Pillows

Gail – Pillow’s to lean on while you lean back
Trtl Pillow – http://amzn.to/2EWJN8g
Travel Mate Memory Foam – http://amzn.to/2HOaLke

Piper – pillow to lean forward with
Inflatable – http://amzn.to/2F25AP5

– – –

31:24 – Outro and thanks to: Producer Matt

Special thanks to Dan Sawyer of Artistic Whisper for editing this episode!

Thanks for listening and happy travels!


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Episode 9; Hotel Loyalty Points and Silicone Owls

Gail Carriger and Piper J Drake know how to eek every extra bit of value out of travel; including hotel loyalty points. Earn them? Keep them? Use them?

Time Stamped Show Notes:

0:05 – Intro (Steampunk Girl by John Anealio)

0:30 – Host Introduction; Gail Carriger and Piper J Drake

– – –

10:52 – Main Topic –> Hotel Loyalty and Reward Points

– – –

27:18 – Gadgets! (what don’t we trust the hotel to provide?)

Gail – Mug

Piper – Silicone Owl

– – –

35:15 – Outro and thanks to: Producer Matt

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Episode 8; Hotel Food

Gail Carriger and Piper J Drake let the listener in on their secrets for dealing with hotel room food – and most importantly, getting the most out of it.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

0:05 – Intro (Steampunk Girl by John Anealio)

0:31 – Host Introduction; Gail Carriger and Piper J Drake

– – –

7:40 – Main Topic -> Hotel Room Food Optimization

– – –

32:32 – Gadgets!
Gail – Spoon-Fork-Knife combo
“Light My Fire Original”
Piper – Travel Chopsticks

– – –

Secrets of gaining healthy sustenance while traveling… Discussion about optimizing hotel room food and how to get the most out of a room service order without contributing to diabetes or over-indulging in sodium.

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Episode 7; Hotel Room Hacks

 Hotel rooms are the frequent traveler’s refuge. But they’re not home. How do you get the most out of your stay? Piper and Gail discuss baby bricks, silk, & more.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

0:05 – Intro (Steampunk Girl by John Anealio)

0:31 – Host Introduction; Gail Carriger and Piper J Drake

0:56 – Where have the ladies traveled to this week?

0:59 – Piper regrettably stayed at a swanky hotel in Princeton, New Jersey that she last stayed at in college (Trenton State). But this time… under construction.

3:45 – Predators, a SyFy movie; and how that applies to Piper’s travel whammy

4:43 – “Lobby-Talk” the podcast within the podcast

6:29 – Gail gives a great tip to find out about construction; sort Yelp reviews by date!

7:18 – Discussion of other great pre-trip research resources (TripAdvisor, etc); you can sort by “business”

8:23 – Main Topic -> HACKING HOTEL ROOMS

8:41 – Gail is an unpacker – if she’s staying for more than one night

9:26 – This is where “kits” come into play (go back and listen to Episode 5 for more info on them) – they go into their own specific zones that will be common to nearly all hotel rooms regardless of owning/operating company

10:05 – Gail’s number one hotel room hack: ironing boards

11:06 – Steam can get wrinkles out of clothes; best to bring them in to the shower area while you shower?

13:01 – Dupione dresses

13:32 – Thai silk suits

14:45 – Iron use tips; don’t trust them the way you trust your iron at home (iron a wet hotel washcloth as a test)

15:56 – Piper’s bloomers and ‘splodin her bag

16:20 – Bring your clothes on cheap metal hangers

17:06 – Create separate areas for dayjob and other work – the physical locations being different help with putting yourself in the right mindset to do that specific kind of work despite being away from your more familiar home setup

19:15 – Designate a “business zone” that will not be contaminated with your other things; itinirary for event, envelope for business expense reciepts, notepad, etc

19:41 – To room service, or not to room service?  Sometimes if you order food for “more than one person” they’ll bring you an extra table on wheels

21:42 – “Heads in Beds” and a baby brick

22:56 – At checkin slide your credit card across the counter… followed by your baby brick – and watch it make magic happen

23:41 – The real magic words: “Anything you can do for me would be great.”

24:57 – concierge suite access (free bottled water, snacks, and weekday breakfasts which makes life better in general)

25:48 – tipping style and ettiquette is important with the baby brick – don’t be obnoxious about it

28:14 – take advantage of social media (particularly regionaly) to compliment good service at chain hotels

29:23 – story-time from Piper – she was booked into a hotel by dayjob and in the middle of the night a strange man started pouding on her door demanding to be let in.  The front desk took the random strangers side… this eventually led to chocolate strawberries – at a different hotel

31:08 – fill out the reiew cards with the positive things that happened to/for you during your stay

33:04 – don’t forget, every big hotel chain has a record on you

33:35 – Gadgets!
 Gail: “Heads In Beds” by Jacob Tomsky
“A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles, and So-Called Hospitality”
Piper: Silk pajamas = protection for your delicate bits from bedbugs

36:45 – bonus gadget -> sleep sacks (they can serve dual purpose as shaws or scarfs)

37:42 – you can check the “bed bug registry” to double check your hotel before your stay

38:11 ? Outro and thanks to: Producer Matt &
            John Anealio for his song Steampunk Girl


Thanks for listening and safe travels!

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Episode 6; Self Care and Bath Bombs

Traveling can be hard on the body so what are frequent travelers to do?  Bath bombs, preparedness, and some quick but extra special self-spoilage go a long way.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

0:33 – Intro

0:50 – Self-care on the go

1:05 – Recent Travel!

1:11 – Piper did a StayCation in the next city over at a swanky Scottsdale resort with big bathtub, fluffy pillows that – of course – was dog friendly for Corbin the Corgi

2:37 – Gail went on her 35th annual pilgrimage with her mother (for her mom’s birthday) to a hot spring; now mind you, she’s only 29 too; so that’s quite the trick

4:33 – Where there are earthquakes, there are likely hot springs. Gail says that’s a fair trade-off – what do you think listener?

5:53 – A trip for yourself every now and again is a must

6:10 – An unplugged weekend?!  Piper hasn’t been away from the internet/cell service in years while Gail goes off-grid when she goes to this onsen

7:01 – Sometimes its good to deny authors access to Twitter and Facebook; but Piper insists on always being prepared with research, notes, and local copies of writing work

8:18 – The event Piper and Gail met at – a Cabin in the woods

9:53 – Data use while traveling internationally (more on this in a future episode)

10:34 – “Most writers are on some watch-list somewhere.” -Piper

11:07 – Main Topic -> Self-care on the Go

11:21 – Gail’s super secret self-care hot-tip => it has something to do with magazine’s (listen and find out what it is! But remember not to tell anyone)

12:40 – Piper has one for her and one for her significant other (the guy typing this: Producer Matt)

13:08 – Need to use that thick overnight conditioner for color-treatment?  Use it at a hotel so you don’t have to clean the shower or wash the seats

13:54 – Sephora VIB rouge <- always get the samples so you can travel with them

14:19 – Deep cuticle oil is great for re-hydrating you, regardless of gender, and are perfect for dry overnight redeye flights

14:54 – Traveling and walking a lot?  Gail wears stilettos all day and highly recommends a super-hot water soak followed by lotion first, then fuzzy socks as a feet-saver.  Guaranteed quicker recovery!

17:30 – Don’t travel with unmarked white powder; but baking soda is perfect for this soaking

17:44 – There’s always bathbombs too (from places like Lush)

18:29 – Yes, I have had to have 4 root canals. Over the course of one month.  I recommend dental picks like these but I won’t knock using free individually wrapped toothpicks.

20:41 – Bathbombs that make you smell like food (are apparently the best)

21:02 – The Lorde of Misrule bath bomb

21:43 – Spoil yourself with food while traveling. Don’t overeat, but allow yourself a particular thing that helps make you look forward to traveling in the future
Gail – fried foods, or stealing fries
Piper – dessert, or beet salad (you won’t make it at home)

23:52 – lower your blood-pressure while flying via food?
    Here’s a great article from Harvard about taking care of your health while flying if you want to look more in to travel self-care

24:11 – Yay Gadgets!
Gail – bath-bombs (pre-halved)
‘Spa Pure
Strawberry Shortcake
Piper – Aveda “for Men composition oil”
Caviar anti-aging overnight hair-rescue

26:32 – bath bomb training – what’s the best way to disperse it into the bath?

27:20 – bonus tip, add a nut-oil for extra decadent moisturizing

30:51 – Outro and thanks to:
Producer Matt &
            John Anealio for his song Steampunk Girl

Thanks for listening and safe travels!

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Episode 5; Travel Kits

Preparing to travel made simple: keep your kits packed and ready. Travel kits come in all colors/textures/sizes and should be machine washable. Ready to kit up?

Time Stamped Show Notes:

0:32 – Intro

0:55 – This Week’s Trip (just how much do these ladies travel?)

1:37 – Piper’s Travel comes in two parts; day-job (85% of the time) and author trips

2:12 – “You live in transit Piper.” -Gail

2:16 – Piper breaks down her typical (consistent/inconsistent) travel schedule for work

3:00 – “The ‘oops’ of being scheduled on two projects at the same time => literally flying ocean to ocean each week for six weeks”  -Piper

3:46 – Piper travels to conventions for author stuff: networking, book-signing, teaching and instructing, etc

4:53 – Gail travels as a full-time professional author to essentially a convention a month as well as multiple writing conferences each year and (the thing she hates) two-week long book tours

6:12 – The infamous hellmouth airport of DIA forced Gail to do a 20 minute signing at ComicCon

7:13 – Preferred traveling days (avoid Friday and Sunday)

8:08 – The perks of being a westcoaster in overcoming jetlag – it means you can stay up late and hang out at the bar when you travel east

9:07 – Arrive early, volunteer, meet the staff, and have fun

9:30 – Dead dog party (“secret” post-con meetup the Sunday night after a convention finishes)

10:08 – Main Topic  ->  Kits!
-tea kit
-redeye kit
-sleep kit
-emergency kit (“Piper Repair Kit”)
-emergency repair kit (for vintage dresses or corsets)
-makeup kit
-lipgloss kit
-electronics kit

10:54 – Preparing yourself for “the zone of the hotel” -Gail

13:29 – Corset corner (tips and warnings for wearing)

13:53 – “Kits permanently live in their kit state.” -Gail   (always packed and ready to go)

15:08 – When do you refill your kits if they’re always packed?

15:36 – Adjusting the makeup kit based on season, location, and purpose of visit (keep the basics in there always: base, foundation, eyeliner)

16:44 – “Bigelow and Lipton’s are verboten”

17:09 – Varying your kit bag based on its purpose (color and texture); so that you can produce the desired kit when unable to see into a bag

18:46 – kits help organize your “bag of holding’s” pocket universe

19:21 – Zippers are king

20:06 – Yay Gadgets!
-Piper -> kit bags from mochithings.com
-Gail -> TravelOn zipper envelopes (great intro to cheaply figure out what sizes/types of kit bags work for you)

24:18 – Piper’s been experimenting with silicone (bottles for storing shampoo’s, lotions, conditioners, etc)

26:39 – ZojiRushi (Japanese thermos company) food storage mug

28:15 – ZipLock bags are wonderful kit bags too (waterproofing)
-or a garbage bag to become a poncho for your carry-on
-and don’t forget to double up your ziplock bags

30:11 – Outro and thanks to:
            John Anealio for his song Steampunk Girl


Thanks for listening and safe travels!

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Episode 4; Backpack Sasquatch

Roadtrips can be rough on the tummy; how do frequent traveler cope?  Gail and Piper discuss their recent drive and go head to head about backpacks. Its time for #luggagewars

Time Stamped Show Notes:

0:34 ? Intro

1:06 – Piper and Gail’s road-trip together

2:16 – “Know where your towel is.”  -Douglas Adams

2:26 – What to have with you on a road trip; especially when traveling with someone like Piper who has a delicate tummy (towels, wetones, and plastic baggies)

2:57 – How to prep for a road trip (bubbles, ginger chews, and child’s Dramamine)

3:47 – The beautiful in appearance and smelling California coast (horsehair, licorice, and redwoods) – especially near Samuel P. Taylor State Park

4:59 – Main Topic -> The Backpack Sasquatch

5:13 – Gail’s “ism” – and why she loathes backpack travelers (she gets “beaned by backpacks”)

6:18 – Piper is a backpack aficionado – and so the feud begins

7:27 – Brand loyalty to -> Tumi backpacks

9:16 – Backpack security; beware the pickpockets in tourist spots and crowded transit places

10:18 – Gail admits to being a recovering backpack user

10:55 – Backpack optimization -> keeping valuables hidden deep within (past the snacks and the emergency wipes)

12:57 – Gadgets!
13:14 -> the backpack Gail actually likes (its collapsible!)
14:44 -> Piper’s preferred ballistic nylon Tumi backpack

16:15 – The Jackie and Laurie Podcast

16:37 – Gail’s exacting standards for baggage selection (color of interior vs interior -> the inside should be light colored, thereby making it easier to your stuffs)

17:26 ? Outro and thanks to:
            John Anealio for his song Steampunk Girl

Safe travels and thanks for listening!
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Episode 3; The Burrito Protocol

Traveling while hungry is the pits.  And when you’re hypoglycemic it can be deadly.  What to do?  Initiate the burrito protocol.

Gail Carriger has a love of tasty food.  Even better when its spicy.  Travel requires food that is portable and stores well even at room temperature.  The pursuit of this has led her to develop what is affectionately known as: The Burrito Protocol.

Simply put, buy a burrito from your favorite local place and take it with you.  But what about salsa, and beans?  And what container do you place it in?  All this and more – including a story from Piper about how a hard boiled egg traveled across the globe – in this episode of 20mindelay.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

0:35 – Intro

0:58 – The Burrito Protocol; what meals do you travel with (not snacks)

1:22 – Piper’s trip to San Francisco to see Gail and the bay area

2:12 – Airport talk: SFO; including tips for transit from SFO to SF (the airport is actually in Daly city)

3:10 – hotels in San Francisco (library bar at Hotel Rex)

3:37 – SF Marriott Grand Marquis

3:59 – Plot Bunny -> 555 Mission Street’s ‘Garden of Light’

4:42 – Pilgrimages when returning consistently to a city -> Gail completes a pilgrimage to the the original Twining’s Tea Shop (same spot since 1700’s) – and – Fortnum & Mason’s for a proper spot of tea

6:07 – The Thai ‘lol’ or “hahaha” -> ‘ ????????? ‘

7:11 – San Francisco food -> San Francisco chowder in an SF sourdough bread

7:56 – Main Topic -> Gail’s Burrito Protocol

8:54 – Gail’s burrito preferences includes delicious chicken, egg, chile relleno, (and light on the rice)

10:21 – Piper’s burrito tends to be machaca (light on the beans)

11:21 – Gail and Piper agree, avoid the mess of salsa, but Gail has a trick for keeping sodium, electrolytes, and taste -> small brineless packages of pickled jalepenos

12:38 – How about the return trip food stuffs?

12:53 – small hummus packs (carbs are easy, vegetables and protein must be hunted and acquired)

13:23 – Piper is protein bar’d out

13:54 – hard boiled egg (and how one traveled halfway across the world)

16:16 – Gail’s tip: grab some pre-boiled and pre-shelled eggs from the little store and/or Starbucks at the hotel and take it with you – just in case

17:03 – “Nobody’s happy when you feint.”

17:09 – Travel gadgets!
17:22 – Piper’s = little sandwich baggies
17:45 – Gail’s = the burrito protocol carrier, small light insulated bag with small amount of additional storage for utensil and trash baggie

20:09 – Outro and thanks to:
            John Anealio for his song Steampunk Girl

Safe travels and thanks for listening!
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Episode 2; Travel Whammies!

What adventures are there to be had on the Baltic Sea? Culture, food, and fun in cities like Kiel (Germany), Copenhagen (Denmark), Stockholm (Sweden), Tallinn (Estonia), and St. Petersburg (Russia).   Gather amazing experiences and enjoy, until a typo ruins everything. Then, it’s a “travel whammy!”

In this episode, Gail and Piper discuss recent travels in Europe as well as what happens when your luggage doesn’t quite keep pace with you. Also, what’s the most versatile garment? The swimsuit.  Why you ask?  Gail shares her tale of traveling to Italy as a young, innocent archaeologist who arrived for a months long stay with only a container full of plastic bags, which is not what she packed for herself.

Travel whammies are those moments when what can go wrong, does.  The harder you struggle, the more like quicksand they become.  So what do you do?  First: post to social media.  Second: adapt and overcome.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

0:35 – Intro

0:54 – Where did Piper go? On an 8-day Baltic-sea cruise through Kiel (Germany), Copenhagen (Denmark), Stockholm (Sweden), Tallinn (Estonia), St. Petersburg (Russia)

1:52 – Why? For this: http://www.writingexcuses.com/2017/01/03/an-announcement-and-a-miniature-faq/

3:12 – Piper tells us about a Marzipan museum

4:31 – Was that Dresden’s foo-dog Mouse?

5:24 – Best shoes on a cruise

7:17 – Travel whammies! (When major things go wrong while traveling -> that’s a whammy)

7:33 – Gail’s first big travel whammy and extra uses for a swimsuit when its the only piece of clothing you have…for months

10:10 – Piper’s travel hijinks led to her seat being given away on her international flight, because of a typo

13:09 – Gail teases a JFK story (from when the TWA flight was shot down)

14:34 – Travel gadgets!

14:42 – single packet anti-bacterial WetOnes!

15:47 – “It was someone else’s travel whammy!”

15:55 – https://www.mochithings.com/ – to organize your unmnetionables

16:48 – Outro and thanks to:
            John Anealio for his song Steampunk Girl


Safe travels till then and thanks for listening.

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Episode 1; Hellmouth Airports

Travel is always an adventure, sometimes a travail, and there’s always that one airport we can’t escape once we arrive. We call them hellmouth-airports.

Gail and Piper fly multiple times a month, enough to accumulate little “sometimes” issues and coincidental travel whammies into truly hellish experiences. In this episode our podcasters discuss the horrors of Denver International Airport (DIA), Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD), and Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), then give tips on how to survive there. What do you do when that short “20 Minute Delay” becomes another 20mindelay which becomes another which… You get the idea. How can one protect their quality of life when trapped in an airport for 8 hours or more – or sometimes worse: when your one hour connection becomes a 10 minute mad-dash? Well you listen to this episode ahead of time of course!


Time Stamped Show Notes:

0:31 – Intro

0:56 – Piper and Gail’s go to Jersey; but not together

1:17 – Why Gail travels (author going to conventions like: Steampunk World Faire)

2:16 – Why Piper travels (author and dayjob as a consultant; 50-80% travel)

4:24 – Singing the praises of Philly’s airport
‘6:39 – Vino Volo; rewards program with $1 wine and free la amuse-bouche

7:32 – Self-care before/during flights (should you drink wine and/or eat sugar?)

9:55 – Geno’s cheesesteak as an alternative to the burrito protocol (get it double bagged!)

11:24 – Hellmouth airports

12:09 – Denver (DIA); delay upon delay

13:51 – “tornado shelters” aka the steps down to the hellmouth

15:00 – best spots to eat at DIA (upstairs to get the egg-salad sandwiches that remind Gail of her British mom)

15:48 – Chicago o’Hare (ORD); canceled flight upon canceled flight

16:12 – a sushi debate (safe at airports?)

18:15 – changing gates? time to play Mario Cart

19:58 – catch a breathe of fresh air at the hydroponic garden opposite the USO

21:08 – traveling with steel reinforced corsets (aka “precious cargo”) to RT Booklovers’ convention

22:28 – What’s your hellmouth airport?
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22:55 – Nifty travel gadgets!

23:31 – Piper’s gadget: download the airline’s app that you’re flying on to track your gate-changes and take advantage of last minute seat changes (including cheap upgrades)

26:24 – Gail’s gadget: tiny tote FOR: extra storage / pillow / great for storing that temperature transition garment and more

29:01 – inflatable what now?

30:54 – Outro and thanks to:
            John Anealio for his song Steampunk Girl


Episode 2 comes out on Wednesday, 1 November!

Safe travels till then and thanks for listening.

Episode Zero – Travel Never Goes the Way you Expect

20mindelay – or 20 Minute Delay – is a new podcast from authors Gail Carriger and Piper J Drake.  This short teaser episode is made up of a few clips from the coming season so you know what to look forward to.

Gail and Piper travel a lot.  Maybe more than anyone should – but they love it.  So why the podcast?  To create a community of informed, savvy, travelers that are armed with better, cooler, smarter, lighter gadgets and kits.

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20 Minute Delay

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Romance authors and consummate travelers Gail Carriger & Piper J Drake dish tips, tricks, gadgets, and horror stories on traveling by land, air, and sea.

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Gail Carriger

Gail Carriger writes comedies of manners mixed with paranormal romance (and the sexy San Andreas Shifter series as G.L. Carriger). Her steampunk books include the Parasol ProtectorateCustard Protocol, Supernatural Society, and Delightfully Deadly series for adults, and the Finishing School series for young adults. She is published in many languages and has over a dozen NYT bestsellers. She was once an archaeologist and is fond of shoes, octopuses, and tea.

Photo by: Vanessa Applegate

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Piper J Drake

Piper J. Drake is a bestselling author of romantic suspense and edgy contemporary romance, a frequent flyer, and day job road warrior. Wherever she goes, she enjoys tasting the world and embarking on foodie adventures. Dogs—and horses—have been known to spontaneously join her for a stroll and she enjoys pausing for a nice chat with cats of all sizes, from domestic to tiger size and beyond. it.

Photo by: JR Blackwell

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What Exactly is this?

It’s a podcast!

Gail and Piper are travel addicts by choice, compelled to travel even more for their jobs.  In this fast paced romp through the detailed intricacies of travel the duo plan to cover everything from travel “kits” to comparisons of which terminals are best at a given airport or train station on a given day for particular amount of time.  (Oh yea, things are going to get granular up in here)

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