Episode 25: Caffeine situation

How do you stay awake?  When do you choose to stay awake?  Tricks to accomplishing your caffeine ingestion intelligently while far from home!

Time Stamped Show Notes:

0:21 – Intro (Steampunk Girl by John Anealio)
Host Introduction; Gail Carriger and Piper J Drake

1:05 – Piper went to Disney over the crazy-busy Christmas Holiday

2:10 – Disney’s Magic-band wrist-bands are near Magic

5:15 – Gail Carriger, Tea on the Go (video on Gail’s caffeine process) –> https://youtu.be/IzPzjkfJgRg

“I refuse to drink calories of any sort!  Unless its milk.  In my tea.”

Main Topic – Caffeine Ingestion!

9:55 – Gail’s water-boil coil, aka immersion heater: https://amzn.to/2tSdXp0

10:30 – Mug and milk hunting

15:14 – Thou shalt not give the Piper caffeine first thing in the morning

16:50 – after lunch Emergen-C, Airborne, or similar with B-12 in it

17:26 – Gail is opposed to drinking calories – save that for eating!

17:55 – Gail’s caffeine pattern; tea in the morning, coffee at noon, afternoon tea

19:05 – pay attention to your travel day’s schedule and be aware of how caffeine affects you (time it!) – this helps you plan transitions to local time zones, etc

22:29 – “Toy with yourself!”

23:11 – Be aware of the strength of New Zealander’s black tea! – Especially the lovely author Philipa Ballantine

– – –


23:35 – caffeine on the go

Gail – immersion heater – https://youtu.be/IzPzjkfJgRg
Zojirushi mug – https://amzn.to/2EOkkQB

 Piper – vitamin pellets that easily dissolve into 500ml water bottles

– – –

28:10 – Outro and thanks to: Producer Matt

Special thanks to Dan Sawyer of Artistic Whisper for editing this episode!

Thanks for listening; Travel smart and pack the snacks!

– – –

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