Looking for an episode of the Twenty Minute Delay podcast?  Good news, you’re in one of the right places!  Don’t forget to come back every Monday for a dose of travel, gadget, and general hijinks from Gail Carriger and Piper J Drake.

Travel is always an adventure, sometimes a travail, and there’s always that one airport we can’t escape once we arrive. We call them hellmouth-airports.

Travel whammies are those moments when what can go wrong, does.  So what do you do?  First: post to social media.  Second: adapt and overcome.

Traveling while hungry is the pits.  And when you’re hypoglycemic it can be deadly.  What to do?  Initiate the burrito protocol.

Roadtrips can be rough on the tummy; how do frequent traveler cope?  Gail and Piper discuss their recent drive and go head to head about backpacks. Its time for #luggagewars

Preparing to travel made simple: keep your kits packed and ready. Travel kits come in all colors/textures/sizes and should be machine washable. Ready to kit up?

Traveling can be hard on the body so what are frequent travelers to do?  Bath bombs, preparedness, and some quick but extra special self-spoilage go a long way.

 Hotel rooms are the frequent traveler’s refuge. But they’re not home. How do you get the most out of your stay? Piper and Gail discuss baby bricks, silk, & more.

Gail Carriger and Piper J Drake let the listener in on their secrets for dealing with hotel room food – and most importantly, getting the most out of it.

Gail Carriger and Piper J Drake know how to eek every extra bit of value out of travel; including hotel loyalty points. Earn them? Keep them? Use them?

Travelers are constantly bombarded with “Sign up now!” loyalty offers and point earning systems. Are airline offers worth it? What do you get for your loyalty?

How does one prepare mentally and physically for travel?  Regardless of the reason for taking a trip, necessity, pleasure, work, illness, visiting family – irregardless of any of those reasons it’s still important to be properly prepped to make the most of it.

Food is important while traveling.  Many (like Piper and Gail) would even say its the entire point.  Traveling means you’re on the move though, so it’s important to bring or grab snacks as you go? But there are so many options, what do you being and why?