Episode 28: Squat the Seat

Retrieved from the Repository: a lost episode has been recovered for our listeners in which Gail Carriger and Piper J. Drake discuss seat choices and the angle of approach. *This episode was recorded more than a year prior to the current travel advisories and restrictions. Where have you been? Piper had been through Orlando International...

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Episode 27: From Travel Bag to Go Bag

We’re back! Gail Carriger and Piper J. Drake return after an unplanned hiatus due to a myriad of technical difficulties. Main Topic: Turning your travel bag into a Go Bag Gadgets! Gail – Pajama-esque comfy pants and tees Piper – EC30 Clean Body Wash Special thanks to Kelly for editing this episode! Thanks for listening. Travel smart. Pack the snacks!...

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Episode 26: return destinations

Been there, done that!  But you can’t help but think that you could have done it better.  Tips and tricks for optimally re-visiting already trod travel-ground.

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Episode 25: Caffeine situation

How do you stay awake?  When do you choose to stay awake?  Tricks to accomplishing your caffeine ingestion intelligently while far from home!

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Episode 24: rental car renting

Transportation from home to any destination requires some form of “last mile” transit.  Gail and Piper discuss tips and thoughts on car renting when that’s the choice that’s made.

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Episode 23: Bag Checking Protocol

When your trip requires enough luggage that you MUST check a bag, what does the experienced traveler do?

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Episode 22: Delay Vouchers

Travel vouchers can turn a stressful travel whammy into a new experience.  Honest!  And, what should you do about lost luggage?

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Episode 21: Traveling Alone

Travel is enriching and we recommend it. Sometimes one must travel alone. How do you stay safe? Where do you keep your money and documents? What’s “SA”?

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