• Episode 27: From Travel Bag to Go Bag

    We’re back! Gail Carriger and Piper J. Drake return after an unplanned hiatus due to a myriad of technical difficulties. Main Topic: Turning your travel bag into a Go Bag Gadgets! Gail – Pajama-esque comfy pants and tees Piper – EC30 Clean Body Wash Special thanks to Kelly for editing this episode! Thanks for listening. Travel smart. Pack the snacks!...

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Behind The Mic

Gail Carriger

Show Host

Author, former archeologist, tea-snob, and incorrigible travelogue.

Piper J Drake

Show Host

Dayjob road-warrior, jetsetter, brand-loyalist with mulltiple top-tier memberships, and author.

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Gail and Piper discuss the meta and minutiae of  travel.  From how to think about an upcoming trip, to where to eat at a particular travel hub, and all the way down to whether or not to pack that single use wet knappy.  They’ve been there and done that, both domestically and internationally, over the last *cough-cough* years and have OPINIONS.  Join us for a constant updating of what does and does not make sense in the diaspora of “traveler.”

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